Who Should Report

Those Mandated to Report:



  • Commercial Computer Technicians (New as of 2013)
  • Paid Athletic Coaches (New as of 2013)
  • Administrator, or Director of a Public or Private Organization (New as of 2013)
  • Public assistance worker
  • Employee of a child care institution
  • Firefighter, except for volunteer firefighters
  • Physician, surgeon, psychiatrist, dentist, resident, intern, podiatrist, chiropractor, licensed nurse, dental hygienist, optometrist
  • Emergency medical technician I or II, paramedic
  • State or county public health employee who treats a minor for any condition.
  • Coroner
  • Medical examiner, or any other person who performs autopsies
  • Commercial film and photographic print processor
  • Child visitation monitor
  • Animal control officer or humane society officer
General Training Module
  • Teacher
  • Instructional aide
  • Teacher’s aide or teacher’s assistant
  • Classified employee of any public school
  • Administrative Officer or supervisor of child welfare and attendance, or a certified pupil personnel employee
  • Administrator of a public or private day camp
  • Administrator or employee of a public or private youth center, youth recreation program or youth organization
  • Administrator or employee of a public or private children’s organization
  • Employee of a county office of education or the California Department of Education, whose duties bring the employee into contact with children on a regular basis
  • Head start teacher
  • Licensing worker or licensing evaluator employed by a licensing agency
  • Employee of a school district police or security department
  • Any person who is an administrator or presenter of, or a counselor, in a child abuse prevention program in any public or private school
  • District attorney investigator, inspector or family support officer
  • Special education teachers, and staff.
Educator’s Professional Module
  • Licensed nurse
  • Nursing student's
  • Doctors
  • Medical Students
General Training Module
first, then
Medical Professionals Module
  • Social worker
  • Marriage, family and child counselor, (marriage and family therapist), clinical social worker
  • Marriage, family, and child therapist trainee
  • Psychological assistant
  • Unlicensed marriage, family, and child therapist intern
General Training Module
first, then
Pre-/Post-Licensed Mental Health Professionals and Social Worker Module
  • Clergy member
  • Custodian of records of a clergy member
General Training Module
first, then
Clergy Professional Module
  • Probation officer or parole officer
  • District attorney investigator, inspector or family support officer
  • Peace officer
  • Employee of the police department, county sheriff’s department, county probation officer
  • Employee or volunteer of a Court Appointed Special Advocates program, a custodial officer as defined in Section 831.5., any person providing services to a minor child under Section 12300 or 12300.1 of the Welfare and Institutions Code
General Training Module
first, then
Law Enforcement Professional Module
  • Licensee, and administrator, or an employee of a licensed community care or child day care facility
Childcare Provider’s Module