Training Modules

Below is a list of free training modules available at this time, and also the trainings that are currently being revised. Please keep in mind the following when determining which modules will best meet your needs:

The General Training is 100% self-paced so you decide when to start and end your training. It is required that anyone who needs to take a profession specific training, must take the General Training first.

Available Trainings:

General Modules

The general training module is all inclusive, non-profession specific, and should be taken by every Mandated Reporter.
- General Training 4 hours
- Español Entrenamiento General 4 hours

School Personnel Training

The School Personnel training module is all inclusive, school staff profession specific, and should be taken by every Mandated Reporter that works in a school environment.
- School Personnel 90-180 minutes

Child Care Training Training

The Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training California website team in association with the California Department of Social Services have developed a new online training for child care workers. The new Mandated Reporter Training for Child Care Workers does now satisfy the requirements of AB 1207. This is a stand alone training that does not require the General Training to be taken first.
- Child Care Providers 3 hours

Profession Specific Modules

The profession-specific training modules are for specific fields of employment, study and volunteers. These trainings are to be taken after completion of the General Training.
- Medical Professionals 3 hours
- Pre-/Post-Licensed Mental Health Professionals and Social Workers 3 hours
- Law Enforcement Professionals 2 Hours
- Clergy 2 hours